Green River

The third studio album by American rock and roll band Creedence Clearwater Revival

Forty Licks

A double compilation album by The Rolling Stones.


The second number one album of Elvis Presley

Abbey Road

Album by The Beatles, which is named after their studio.

Dark Side of the Moon

Studio album by English progressive rock band Pink Floyd

Oldies - Still strong even today!

Music is one of the only forms of media which can actually soothe someone who may be feeling stressed. It somehow finds a way to make a gloomy person suddenly burst in song, and has its own way of making everyone join in,- becoming a part of it. Though music still makes one feel the way it did long ago, there are some obvious differences in today's music. Years ago, there was a

steady stream of music which was categorized into specific genres. Many of these songs are still around today. Though oldies, some remain as popular or more so than many new songs. Oldies which are songs from years ago, r and b, blues, soul and other genres which never faded. However, today music genres are a bit different. There are some genres which are relatively new, and were totally unknown until recent years- and other genres which belong to a category of "original". The original category is basically composed of artists who make music- good music, which doesn't quite fit into one of the original genres. Although this music is considered new and fresh, it doesn't have the staying power of oldies. However, some music can get recognition if mixed with the right oldie- not only becoming a hit, but bringing the oldie back into popularity.

It is likely that when artists first presented rap music to their record companies, it was shunned. Rap was a new, fast way of talking, it wasn't quite singing- but saying poetic things in a melodic way. Nobody had to have a "voice" to rap, only a distinctive sound was necessary, which made bringing in oldie samples popular. Rap music didn't go over too well in the beginning, but once it got radio play- it started to sale, and the rap genre was born. Hip hop was a component of rap music. Instead of an actual sound, hip hop was a personality which those who were into rap music portrayed. Young people begin to mimic the style and grace of hip hop artists This went over quite well, and has managed to keep hip hop alive.

After a while, hip hop artist noticed their music was losing its popularity, and money started going into other genres. It didn't have the staying power as many of the oldies from years before. The rap industry was losing its flare and there was concern among the artist that their genre was slowly fading out of existence. A few of the top artist took heed, and said- not so fast. They developed a plan, add old tracks to new music, and it will sale. Artists began to add oldies made by artists such as Al Greene, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder, Royals Royce and more to keep their songs popular.

The reason these songs kept rap music afloat at a time when it was fading, is because certain oldies never fade. Songs such as " A House Is Not a Home" by Luther Vandross, "My Girl", "Sadie", "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees, Barry White's " My First My Last My Everything", "Love and Happiness" and "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" by Al Greene, and let's not leave out the O'Jays "Used to Be My Girl" and "Brandy". The list goes on; perhaps back when this music was being made the focus was a bit more on the music instead of the style which went along with it. While these artists looked great while performing, their voices were always the focal point.

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